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Happy New Year 2011 by Mikeinel Happy New Year 2011 :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 5,611 396 Ninja glomp by CookiemagiK Ninja glomp :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 6,879 1,068 Left 2 Spit by eraserman Left 2 Spit :iconeraserman:eraserman 256 20 Blue Dragon by sandara Blue Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 31,031 1,357 Green Dragon by sandara Green Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 21,707 727 Red dragon by sandara Red dragon :iconsandara:sandara 22,454 643
The dragons just kept getting cuter.
I'd meant them to be scary, with snakelike heads and pearly fangs, but as my fingers gained more practice the dragons they shaped became younger and more innocent, their wings tiny and their eyes wide. Dull spikes lined their heads and tails, not yet sharpened by age. They lay on their bellies or sat up and watched with good-natured curiosity. They were friendly. They were sweet.
They were flawed, and there were a lot of them. I experimented with color and pose, sculpting the way others would turn a stress ball. Every morning I baked the newcomers in my oven, and within a week my desk was overrun. Rows of dragons pressed against my laptop from all sides. Some I enjoyed looking at. Others were a reminder of some mistake I'd made. Putting the horns on before the eyes. Making the legs too thin so it tilted drunkenly while baking. Not realizing that some clay changes color as it solidifies.
What to do with them all? I couldn't keep them even if I'd want
:iconflyingguineapig:FlyingGuineaPig 617 95
Some say they never were,
And were birthed from imagination.
The same say that fantasy
Is the realm of children and the insane.
To believe in the magical,
the mythical,
And the fantastic
Is to be as a child or a madman.
I am neither and I believe in dragons.
The majestic Lords of skie
Born of fire.
In an averie of flames
The eggs lie
Warmed by mothers breath.
Emerging weak and hungry,
Parchment wings
Unfurl for the first time.
Infant sings
For mothers attention.
Noble, proud and powerful
Lords of the skie
Reach the very stars with
A thermal sigh
And one thunderous wingbeat.
Upon the winds they soar
Swooping, diving
Breaking free from earths hold.
Higher, faster, beyond the limits.
All nations praise them
Emblems adorned
And they do not exist?
Fools, they are about you!
Dragon, Wyvern, firedrake
Black, white, blue, red
The old bronze
The nobel silver
The regal gold
The death dragon
The luck dragon
Dragons! Live breath fire and flame
Mighty in body, glory in na
:iconforgedsteel:ForgedSteel 1,546 612
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GOOD DAY! for those out there who know i exist and thought i was gone then you are INCORRECT! i have been surfing deviantart (for dragon and warhammer 40k stuff) and not really posting anything (not that i post much), but i DO intend to write a warhammer 40k short story (for those who have no idea what that is, just look it up in the wiki.). buuut, it will probably be awhile before i post it because i can be VERY lazy with that type of thing. so anyways, that is my post for this year. cya as soon as i can with my story thing!
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Brudz appears with what appears to be a boquet of... spanners, wrappen in foil! It has a note attached:

Gud luk wiff writin' stuff. And don' ferget ter 'ave f'ree sqware meals a day ov pie 'n' beer.

P.S. Best ya don't show dese ter Orlen... 'ee might fink yer da wun dat stole 'em from 'iz stupid non-red tool box.

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